The Global Automotive Operating Systems Market Gives Global Market Forecast for up to 2025

The Global Automotive Operating Systems Market has released a study analyzing the strategies, competitive landscape, business models, and future focus areas of OEMs, tier I suppliers, and security start-up companies in the automotive operating systems market. It also looks closely at the trends and preference towards the integration of diverse operating systems by different OEMs.

Another thing the study covers is how to access the capabilities of key Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers in the automotive operating systems space and their individual approach to providing information and entertainment.

You’d find that the research also features key automotive supplier profiles and talks about their position in terms of automotive operating system solutions, company partners, products, map suppliers, and customers.

The research highlights the potential market opportunities for participants in the global automotive operating systems space and strategic imperatives for market participants. It also gives key conclusions and recommendations based on the current value chain dynamics.

From the research, you can find that partnerships and collaborations are now playing a vital role for OEMs, as they do not have all the necessary capabilities within the confines of the organisation. Now, Companies are proactively recognising ways to make sure strong operating system mechanisms in their next age connected vehicles through smart partnerships.

It was also forecasted that secured operating systems will stay relevant in the coming years and OEMs would have to aggressively partner with ecosystem participants to ensure a holistic approach throughout the automotive value chain. The research even goes ahead to forecast that combo of technological trends like penetration of infotainment(information-entertainment) systems in mass-market passenger vehicle segments and rising digitisation solutions (with things like augmented reality, virtual assistants, artificial intelligence, 3D maps, and smartphone mirroring systems) will soon lead the market.

Some other relevant issues that were discussed in the research are:

  • The addressable opportunity for the global automotive operating system market in 2017 and in 2025
  • The current trends in the market with regard to operating systems?
  • The various types of operating system that have higher preference in the global market
  • The numerous issues restraining the use of operating systems
  • Future trends that are likely to be seen in the operating system market.
  • The key stakeholders involved and the key partnerships that need to be built to be successful.