The Industry Cloud to Become a Trend in 2014

The cloud is rapidly expanding and businesses all around the world are adapting this technology as they look to streamline their IT costs.  The Industry Cloud will arise to meet specialized demands in specific industries. Certain industries may have common hurdles and barriers that technology has not been used to tackle yet.  Many reasons revolve around it not being practical or too costly. The cloud has changed this and now businesses are able to use computational power to gain an edge over their competitors.
Cloud Trend
An example of the Industry Cloud would be a cloud app that is tailored for blue collar businesses. Niches like this will become money making opportunities for cloud service providers as they look to fix problems that businesses have just had to live with for quite some time. Perhaps the solution in the past was to hire on staff and have someone manually enter in data for a specific task. The cloud can customize and automate many businesses that have had to hire staff to do tedious tasks in the past.
Accounting is another industry that has benefited tremendously from the cloud. A simple search online will reveal a plethora of cloud based start-ups circling around the world of accounting. Accounting is a natural fit for the cloud because the cloud allows data to become transparent to executives while giving everyone from accounting departments to auditors a clear view of the company’s books.
Cloud based software will spring up around industries and you can expect this to become a dominant trend in 2014. Market share will begin to open up as more businesses realize the impact that cloud can have on their specific industry. Expect organizations with private and hybrid clouds to hire developers to code and deliver applications and specialized services that will increase the productivity of a workforce.