The Internet of Things: China Leads, Trump Follows

It has always been Trump’s desire as president of the United States to lead other countries and powers in the tech sector. The result of the ban placed by the US on two big tech companies (Huawei and ZTE) has only given the Chinese tech sector a greater and stronger stance against the US technology sector as there are no other mobile technology giants that can fill the vacuum left by these two companies. The future of the internet of things relies totally on the proper realization of the 5G network and so far, China is the only country with the highest number of companies that possess the capabilities to make that possible. Huawei and ZTE being among them. Yes, the United States are still leaders in the technology of microprocessors, but lack what it takes to produce on a large scale, to make the internet of things a reality. The internet of things being the connection of devices from a complex range of industrial devices to huge transport systems and to simple household devices. It’s the connection of all internet devices.

China possesses the ability and market strength to produce processors on a large scale giving them an edge over the United States of America. In a couple of years, the world would have a connection of billions of devices and China could be spearheading such technological advancement, making them a lot more relevant than any other country in the world in terms of technology. With a total of about 23.4 billion devices in connection as a result of the Internet of things (IoT), and with about over 10billion more in 2020 most of which have a Chinese layout, the Chinese tech sector would be way ahead of the US technology sector.