The Peace Corps Uses IBM’s Cloud to Spread Goodwill All Around the World

The Peace Corps gives young adults the ability to travel the world and spread goodwill to all of those who are receptive to the help. As you would expect, the Peace Corps is a popular organization that draws in stacks of applications each year. In order to streamline its recruiting efforts, the Peace Corps has announced that they will begin using IBM’s Kenexa SaaS for Talent Management.
The Peace Corps objective is to send Americans all around to help those in the greatest time of need. Those who volunteer for the Peace Corps get experience in agriculture, education, healthcare and economic development. For young adults who are seeking direction and adventure in their lives, the Peace Corps is often a popular selection. Those who serve in the Peace Corps often come back to America with a unique and enriching perspective on the world.
In the early 60’s, President John F Kennedy announced the launch of the Peace Corps. Since that announcement, the United States has deployed over 220,000 members of the Peace Corps in over a 140 countries. The Peace Corps only requires a two year commitment, therefore many specific jobs and assignments rapidly come and go. With IBM’s Kenexa SaaS, the Peace Corps looks to include social and mobile capabilities in their application process.
The Peace Corps has been long time customers of IBM. In 2010, the Peace Corps decided to use Kenexa for its talent acquisition endeavors. Today, the Peace Corps has announced that their SaaS version of the Kenexa platform will be run for the SoftLayer Federal Cloud which will feature hybrid connectivity between the Peace Corps onsite databases and public cloud computing solutions found within SoftLayer. The Federal Government says that they intend to invest $9 billion into cloud related projects by 2018.