The Posiflex Group Displays a Connected Solution Ecosystem with IoT Remote Monitoring at Computex 2019

As regards the Computex 2019 show, The Posiflex Group is showcasing leading solution technology. This technology is from the family of brands, as a fully Serviced IoT Ecosystem. Solution end points include:

Connected Modular Kiosks, POS Terminals, and Digital Signage solutions from Posiflex and KIOSK Information Systems

Smart Medical Displays with gesture controls from Portwell

Connected Gaming Solutions with Player Tracking Technology from Portwell subsidiary, Ganlot

The field solutions for a wide range of vertical market applications include cinema ticketing, QSR ordering, customer loyalty,fashion retail,  interactive signage, hotel / medical center check-in and bill pay, and also, casino gaming technology.

This year, asides their well-known POS product suite, Posiflex will be showcasing newly introduced Modular Kiosk platforms (co-designed by KIOSK and Posiflex), which are configure-to-order standard models and available through Global Distribution Channel. The Modular Kiosks leverage The Posiflex Group’s in-house supply chain capabilities, which includes self-sourced computing as well as peripherals such as printers, scanners, and PCAP displays and also, optional transaction components common all through multiple configurations and cases of use; giving shorter lead times and reduced cost with longevity support on the overall.

Real-time RMS component-level alerting keeps actions in motion that help avoid costly down-time. Working on routine alerts (low-paper printer sensor / bill acceptor capacity limit sensor) facilitate daily maintenance actions that stop outages from happening right from the start. IoT component as well as sensor alert monitoring give real-time automated insights on organizing Service Personnel to act on preventative maintenance issues, at the same time enabling customer-facing associates to put their attention on more pressing as well as profitable sales demands.