The Top 4 Cloud Stocks to Watch in 2014

It’s no secret that the cloud computing business is expanding rapidly. Both consumers and companies are switching to cloud infrastructure to support their data needs. Trends like this become easy to spot and if you have some extra cash lying around, why not use it to invest in some cloud computing stocks? In no certain order, here are the top 4 cloud technology stocks to watch in 2014:

Amazon and Amazon Web Services is the de facto public cloud service provider. Amazon has won over the hearts of the investing public and developers alike. While Amazon’s main business is ecommerce, the cloud business is soon poised to become a much larger slice of Amazon’s revenue streams.
Google is ubiquitous with the internet. Google offers high performance cloud solutions to both consumers and businesses. Cloud computing is expected to be a big portion of revenue for Google in the upcoming years. Google is a solid company that you can believe in while their cloud product is on the 2nd tier of offerings; analysts expect the Google cloud to be one of the premier products going forward.
This list may sound like a rehash of all the top tech companies. Look at it this way; these companies are holding the torch when it comes to cloud computing. Microsoft tends to take a lot of criticism but industry experts say that Microsoft’s cloud offerings are the real deal. Azure rates highly in satisfaction among its users and the segment of Microsoft’s business seems to be on the uptick.
RackSpace started out as a website hosting company and it has evolved into a company that focuses more and more on the cloud. RackSpace’s stock price took a hit this year because of all the investments the company has made in making its cloud offering the best in the market. Keep an eye on RackSpace as this company could have more upside than any of the previously listed companies.