The Vatican Joins Technology Giants in Pursuit of Ethical Guidelines

The Vatican’s Academy for Life recently held a conference about the ethical integrity of the digital age. Some of the top representatives for major technological giants are joining the Vatican in pursuit of a system of ethics to guide ushering in the new era of artificial intelligence.

All the parties involved agreed that artificial intelligence developments must be focused on the good of humanity, respecting human rights. It must also be all-inclusive not only of individuals but of countries at every level of development. There also must be a regard for the environment.

The presentation took place on February 28. The conference was entitled “The ‘good’ algorithm? Artificial Intelligence”. After it was completed, they brought forth their call to the ethics document.

The academy called the document “Rome Call for AI Ethics”. In the document, they are insisting upon new technology being researched and produced in a way that will follow criteria for the entire human family.

The document produced was designed to be a blueprint for the ethical vision of AI. The first two technological companies to sign in agreement with this were IBM and Microsoft.

The document went on to stress that instead of being focused on the development of technology, the focus should be on the ethical and human rights aspect. The technology should be good for humanity and the environment.

As technological advances occur, the expectation is that it will meet the three essential requirements going forward.

To be inclusive of everyone.

To promote the good of the individual and of humanity.

To be aimed at the protection of the planet.

The promotion of ongoing education in the technological field was stressed. This was not just for the youth, but for the elderly as well.

The hope of the document is to develop more humanism in the digital area. One where everyone can be included and it does not sacrifice moral values.