Three Great Free Backup Apps for Your Android

Are you seriously in love with your Android? Do you gently tuck it into bed each night with a lullaby and a goodnight kiss? Er, if you do that, don’t advertise it. Not great for your reputation and all.

Backup Apps for AndroidKidding aside, if you are a die hard Android fan, we’ve gathered some great tips on free cloud based backup apps that you can download which will have you dancing a happy little jig.

Because, if your Android gets lost, waterlogged or stolen, we have a hunch that you might sink into a depression of sorts. But if you ensure that the contents of your new best friend are safely backed up, we guarantee that your depression won’t be clinical.

The three great backup choices listed below will make you grin. And best of all, they are FREE:

1) inDefend Mobile Backup –   Produced by the pros at Dataresolve Technologies,  inDefend Mobile Backup is quickly making its mark as an Android backup app of choice. It allows you to choose which messages, call logs, browse history, bookmarks, calendar, contacts and system settings to restore. This cloud-based basic backup package is available for free through the Google Play Store.

2) G Cloud Backup – Developed by Genie 9 and using Amazon’s S3 cloud storage, this is a great option, offering 1 free GB. With tweets on Twitter and likes on Facebook, you can earn up to 8 GB free. For more storage, there are paid subscription options. G Cloud Backup uses secured encryption, allowing you to rest easy. Setting up an account is simple via a password linked to your e-mail enabling you to access your backup. It’s smooth and straightforward interface makes using it a breeze.

3) Sandisk Memory Zone – Offers a lot of flexibility with how often and which files you would like backed up to the cloud. You can even choose which cloud storage provider to entrust with your precious data. You can also decide how often you would like backups to occur. Sandisk has proven themselves as experts in standard backup methods as well, so you can rest easy that you are dealing with pros. This fantastic backup app is available for free from the Google Play Store.

Do yourself a favor. Choose a backup plan, any plan and implement it. Because when it is too late there is no turning back the clock. Now is the time to ensure your peace of mind should something happen to your Android. Do you pay for home insurance and health insurance? Think of responsible backups as Android insurance. And best of all, unlike other insurances, there are great choices out there that are free.

So whether you end up choosing inDefend Mobile Backup, G Cloud Backup, Sandisk Memory Zone, or any of the other choices out there, you will rest easy knowing that the data on your Android is safe, should catastrophe strike.

So go ahead and choose whichever option best suits your needs. But take care of it today. Tomorrow may be one day too late.