Top Venture Capital Firms Behind New Productivity Startup

Some of the top Venture Capital firms out there today including General Catalyst, Bloomberg Beta, Ellen Pao, First Round Capital, and Biz Stone are putting their faith in a new startup that is focused on the productivity of how teams collaborate. This new startup is called Range.

Range is a productivity tool that is focused on collaboration and work tracking of small teams. Although there are already quite a few startup companies out there pitching the same technology, Range has an advantage over the competition.

The founding team for Range is made up of several people who have come from other high-profile backgrounds and have used their networking of customers to include Twitter and Mozilla, not to mention the backing of multiple VC firms.

Range prompts each user to note what they are working on each day and they can tag to existing large projects that are viewable by specific team members of that Range group. This monopolizes the shortcomings that Slack offers. Slack is highly unorganized and works on a system of threads that can get lost in the shuffle.

The product offers integration support with other team resources like Google Docs and Calendar, Slack, Jira, Asana, Quip, and Figma.

The software is also meant to help with team bonding experiences. There is a question daily for everyone to answer. It also asks the person to describe how they are feeling via emoji. It is these types of subtle changes that make Range unique over the competition.

An important goal with Range is to make people feel like a community when they are working together and not a set of strangers.