Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE CloudConnect Redefines MFP Service

Toshiba Tec, an international provider of technology solutions for workplaces, has just announced a new feature for its lineup of multi-function printers called e-BRIDGE CloudConnect.
With e-BRIDGE CloudConnect, Toshiba Tec believes that they have streamlined the process of requesting service for multifunction printers. By connecting each of their machines in the field to the cloud, Toshiba and its authorized service providers can monitor detailed analytics on its fleet of MFPs. If a device requires service, e-BRIDGE CloudConnect determines whether or not the machine’s issues can be resolved remotely. If the MFP requires physical maintenance, a technician is dispatched to work on the machine.
In the past, organizations would send service requests to printing vendors saying, “The printer keeps jamming!” Unfortunately, not much more information could be given unless the person sending the request has technical acumen.  Without foreknowledge of the issue, a technician would come onsite to find the root cause of the problem. Toshiba MFPs using the e-BRIDGE CloudConnect system could theoretically skip much of the initial consultation and even the service call itself. This helps businesses work more efficiently as the downtime related to MFP maintenance is kept to a bare minimum.
The eBRIDGE CloudConnect component simplifies the traditional means of obtaining service on your office’s multifunctional devices.   Toshiba’s new cloud based MFP feature gives document solutions providers a leg up on their customers needs. With e-BRIDGE, companies will know when to provide new toner, on-site maintenance and more.
Tony Takahashi, Senior Manager of Maintenance & Service Planning Department, Toshiba Tec says in a press release, “e-BRIDGE CloudConnect is the next generation service with state-of-the-art and valuable information for our customers. This is a progress from the traditional process of service.” Takahashi follows up saying,  “Currently, this cloud-based application is already available in the U.S., and is successfully optimizing customers’ work processes. Toshiba Tec is looking forward to start providing enhanced services with this e-BRIDGE CloudConnect globally this year and support local needs.”