Townsend Security Offers Cloud Hosting Option For HSM

Townsend Security, a leader in data encryption and management, announced a cloud hosting solution for their hardware security module (HSM) called Alliance Key Manager. This option will enable clients to transfer their data securely to the cloud without the use of an encryption key within their own data centers.

The Alliance Key Manager is extremely secure and meets compliance industry requirements as it offers “fully redundant, FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption key management for cloud applications running in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace,, and many other cloud environments.”
Many clients have voiced there concern over the lack of full control they believe they should have access to in regard to their data. Other companies have some level of administrative and security control when it comes to customer data. The Alliance Key Manager Hosted HSM now offers this cutting edge level of control whereby only the customer has full control.
CEO and founder of Townsend Security, Patrick Townsend, said, “The top concern of enterprises moving to the cloud is data protection, and encryption key management is the cornerstone of a data protection strategy. Cloud users and cloud providers now have an option for affordable encryption key management that is NIST FIPS 140-2 compliant and fully under their control.”
Townsend Security also expounded on the affordability as pricing is designed to protect the customer’s budget. Alliance Key Manager Hosted HSM is comprised of two servers with no added fees and is specifically tailored to lower the overall cost. Additionally, Townsend’s accessible security apps for Microsoft SQL and others are offered free of charge.
Mr. Townsend continued, “Our announcement today of a cloud key management HSM offering is one more step in our plan to make affordable and NIST validated encryption key management available to everyone.”
The company also mentioned its promotion of waiving the initial set up fee related to setting up the Hosted HSM until the year’s end.