TransPerfect Legal Solutions Expand e-Discovery Abilities with Data Hosting Center

TransPerfect Legal Solutions (TLS), a worldwide provider of e-discovery and solutions for litigation support for corporate legal departments and law firms alike; just announced their expansion of abilities in terms of e-discovery capabilities with the inclusion of a secure data hosting and processing center, as well as a specialized local client team for service in Sydney, Australia.

The new team with an office in Sydney has a team of 30, a true reflection of the company’s interest in this essential global hub. The company has made provision for an access-controlled forensics lab (particularly for collection and secure storage of case data) and housing staff.

The TLS service team is also set and adequately equipped to provide support for client matters through a secure data center with its location in Sydney as well, where case data will be processed in TLS’s proprietary processing/ECA software, Digital Reef, and then holding a hosting for review; still within the borders of Australia.

The market in Australia established for e-disovery services required for class actions, regulatory matters and general commercial litigation is properly established and the market’s need for competent e-discovery providers is increasing rapidly.

The CEO of TransPerfect reported concerning the development, that Australia being an active yet complex legal market will allow for the establishment of the new facility in Sydney to provide great services at a level of high quality for local clients, with respect especially to those who have a preference for e-discovery and data in-country. He expressed how much they looked forward to further expansion within Australia and the entire APAC region, as a whole.

TLS data processing and hosting centers are currently located in New Jersey, Toronto, London, Virginia, Beijing and Hong Kong. These existing TLS data processing and hosting centers receive support from service teams in eighteen cities as well as about a dozen of forensic laboratories, all around the world; who ensure to work with high levels of efficiency.