Trends for 2015: Industry Specific Clouds on the Rise

While private, public and hybrid clouds are all the rage at the large IT tech conventions, clouds of industry are quickly beginning to go mainstream. Clouds of industry are cloud based systems designed to do one or multiple intense computing tasks that is often only achieved with a massive amount of computing power. Since organizations can use the cloud to wield as much CPU power as they need for a specific workload, it became necessary that these industry specific clouds would begin to take shape.

Industry specific clouds gives organizations a more specific solution to their computing needs. With traditional IaaS providers, an industry seeking out a cloud solution could be forced into a solution that doesn’t exactly mesh with their bottom line. This could lead to an unnecessary expense that could ultimately undermine the purpose of your cloud based operation. The cloud is all about saving money and making systems easier and more cost efficient. If your cloud solution is doing the opposite, it may be prudent to rethink the dynamics surrounding your decision to move to cloud. It’s possible that a better solution exists.

Enter the Cloud of Industry

The biggest player in the industry specific cloud market is IBM. Big Blue has international partnerships and expertise in a diverse amount of business operations making their global, scalable cloud solutions to be one of the industries most respected and highly coveted industry specific cloud solution.

It was recently reported on IBM’s intentions to release their popular data hashing platform Watson onto IBM’s SoftLayer cloud for pharmaceutical companies to perform research and development. Big pharma companies can use Watson in the cloud to hash out Big Data sets that could help speed up research on medicines that are currently in trial status.

IBM also recently partnered with Tencent, the largest ISP in China to provide industry specific cloud to small to medium enterprises in China. IBM’s global reach along side their plethora of industry specific applications have helped Big Blue get a grip inside of industries that other cloud vendors just haven’t been able to capture.

The Future of the Cloud of Industries

As industries look to further streamline their technical operations, clouds of industries will continue to gain in popularity. These hyper specialized cloud solutions are built to help the technical needs of healthcare, finance, insurance and more. Clouds built for industries is expected to gain in popularity as vendors begin to create customized cloud solutions in efforts to stand out from ordinary IaaS, PaaS and SaaS vendors.