Tripwire Goes Global With Channel Partner Program

Tripwire is a leading global provider for security compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations. Today, it announced the expansion of its Channel Partner Program. This expansion sees a renewed focus on building stronger and more strategic partnerships. Through worldwide delivery of cyber products and services, the program seeks to drive customer growth. Over the years, Tripwire has created a partner community that provides excellent business value to their customers.

They do this by offering a wide range of products, solutions and services that compliment critical security controls- these include asset discovery, vulnerability management and log management. With Tripwire’s tools, resources and training, partners can now differentiate between the needs of individual customers and make consumer-client relationship stronger and better.

Alex Bagwell, the global director of channels at Tripwire in a release stated that, “By revamping and broadening our Chanel Partner Program this year to provide cybersecurity best practices to more organizations across more regions, we are increasing the value the get from Tripwire’s integrated solutions.” He said that by teaming up with “sellers who understand end-customer environments and who take a solution-based approach to deliver the highest value Tripwire products and services to every customer”.

In addition to allowing her products reach a greater audience, Tripwire added a platinum tier to its Channel Partner Program. This was done in order reflect the company’s increased focus on strategic partnership. The platinum tier is an invitation-only program that is specifically for partners who have a strong commitment towards the highest growth and highest value for the consumer.

Bagwell added, “Going to market with trusted partners is a key element of our business. We are investing in strong partners who understand the breadth of Tripwire’s solutions, how our products and services integrate, and how to best implement them across a complex and constantly evolving threat landscape” 

By partnering with resellers from various parts of the world including Europe, North America, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, Tripwire seeks to revolutionize cybersecurity globally with their wide range of products.