TrueSpot Creates Real-Time Location Services for Vehicles

TrueSpot, an IoT location-based platform designer, will be showcasing a new system they have created to aid in the real-time location of vehicles. In addition to their tracking service, TrueSpot also intends to showcase a real-time mapping system for cars. The mapping system was developed in response to a need for a method to help businesses locate assets within their automobiles. It’s the first attempt at leveraging IoT to help auto dealers with asset and operations management. By using a trio of services, including software systems such as Lot Management 360 alongside their TrueRecon system, they can enable auto dealers to keep track of all of their assets seamlessly by digitizing the dealership.

Tracking Usage of Vehicles

For agencies that rent vehicles, TrueSpot has developed a system for keeping track of these assets using an OBD2 plugin. These on-demand tracking devices come in at a fraction of the cost of other similar systems. TrueSpot will be presenting its demo at NADA 2020, hoping to impress companies there. CEO and Founder of TrueSpot Mike Hanna has noted that the development of new technology in the realm of automobiles is continuing rapidly. Current technology is becoming obsolete, almost daily. He stated that TrueSpot intends to be a leader in the industry by staying on step ahead of these developments and pushing the envelope in what the company sees as technological advancements that can help the industry.

Simple Implementation

One of TrueSpot’s significant developments in implementing their tracking and monitoring system is the location of the tracking devices. These are incorporated on tags that can be placed inside a car or attached to keys. Utilizing a low-powered IoT network alongside Apple or Android-powered devices, the dealership can quickly pinpoint the location of vehicles and their component parts. The best part about TrueSpot’s system is that it can be recycled to track other vehicles, making it more cost-effective to install and use than other competing systems.