Trustwave Announces The Release Of A New Cloud Platform- Trustwave Fusion

“The Trustwave Platform is a quantum leap in how cybersecurity is applied and managed within corporate and government environments,” said Arthur Wong, chief executive officer at Trustwave. “We have fused market leading technologies, powerful managed security services and the prowess of elite practitioners onto a single pane easily accessed and controlled by browser or mobile app. Having the capability to run database scans and vulnerability tests as needed, bolster security resources in a hybrid operation or order an elite threat hunting force into action by simply pointing and clicking is truly a game changer.”

The newly launched platform has been strategically built to help their customers meet up in the ever increasing trends in digital transformation in the market and also to effectively manage the constant battle against the continuously changing security threats faced in the industry. As such, it will help these clients to effectively manage their daily operations, especially in services such as managed security services, products and other cybersecurity offerings.

Being built with specific components such as Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) layers, the new platform also utilizes other tools such as machine learning, advanced analytics, and to automation to enhance the service delivery on the platform.

Special features on the platform includes;

  • Advanced threat intelligence: The platform will provide its users with enhanced access to an highly advanced threat intelligence system which can be sourced from the Trustwave Security Operations centers and Trustwaves SpiderLabs Fusion Centers.
  • Third party data and products support: With the use of the available twchnological advancement on the platform, including new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), the platform uses data from third party sources to increase the strength of their cybersecurity supply for clients.
  • Hybrid Security Operations
  • Increased visibility and centralized control for clients
  • Multi- cloud and diverse environment support.

Trustwave is a known global leading supplier of services in the aspect of cybersecurity and data protection. They help their clients to steadily and safely grow their businesses especially with the ever increasing trend of digital transformation that keeps occurring.