Turkey’s Digital Transformation Has Hit a New Level as Turkcell and Airspan (US RAN Vendor) Lays the Foundation for 5G with An Ultra-Dense AirDensity

Airspan and Turkcell just released the news of the first deployment of AirDensity, a network aimed at delivering capacity and coverage even to the most hidden places in Turkey, including rural areas and allow for the continuous establishment of technology for the next generation (such as Drone-based flying cells.

The basis for AirDensity is the multi-award-winning AirUnity platform and a portion of the Airspan network densification portfolio that amounts to about 500,000 4G cells deployed all around the world.

Airspan has shown full support for the 5G consortium, made in Turkey, with an R&D center in the Instanbul Technopark and gives regional support for Airspan’s deployments.

Turkcell is deploying AirDensity; using the brilliant all-wireless small cell to provide a world class user experience to its enterprise and residential customers and develop great vertical applications while remaining Turkey’s best digital operator.

By taking out the regular deployment problems, Airspan’s network densification portfolio allows for Turkcell to address needs having to do with densification in a very short time while solving the economics of deployment.

AirDensity includes Airspan’s self-optimizing tech solution to reduce turn-up time into a few minutes instead of the expected hours or even days. All these would happen while letting Turkcell to deploy a network at cell edge that allows for configuration and healing of itself.

These small cells are an essential piece of network architectures when considering cases of future 5G use. Airspan is very excited to be collaborating with Turkcell to help densify its 4G network today in a bid to build a strong foundation to meet the goal of delivering 5G. This is the path towards 5G foreseen by these companies.