Ubitus Aims to Revolutionize Cloud Gaming Worldwide

Image Attribution: Flickr

Ubisoft, the software company behind popular gaming titles such as Assassin’s Creed, has announced the availability of Ubitus in Southeast Asia. Ubitus is the cloud gaming platform that Ubisoft will be using to deliver high quality gaming experiences to gamers.
With a Ubitus set-top box, gamers can begin playing popular gaming titles by Ubisoft without the need for a gaming console or expensive computer equipment. Ubitus says that its users will be amazed by the performance of it’s cloud gaming solution. Currently, only two titles have been slated to be released onto Ubitus. Those titles are Assassin’s Creed: Pirates and “Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame.”
Ubitus’s general availability has only been announced in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Users in other regions may have to wait for Ubitus to become available in their area. It’s fair to say that if the Ubitus cloud gaming platform takes off, Ubisoft and Ubitus may begin releasing other titles into the cloud and expanding the service’s general availability to new markets.
“Ubitus is committed to work with Ubisoft to jointly deliver exceptional gaming experience directly to gamers,” says Ubitus CEP Wesley Kuo.
“More blockbuster game titles from Ubisoft will be expected to land on our cloud gaming platform going forward. We believe users will be amazed at how effortless it is to enjoy instant gaming experience on their TV and set-top-boxes. Select, click and ready to play, just like the way they’ve been enjoying video-on-demand services,” Kuo continued.
Although only two games are scheduled to be released on Ubitus, Ubisoft owns the rights to several popular gaming franchises such as the Tom Clancy video game series, Just Dance, Rayman and Watch Dogs.
Since Ubitus works in the cloud, gamers play their games on devices outside of the set-top box that is designed to connect to your TV. Gamers can bring their games to the mobile devices, PCs and tablets by simply downloading an app that allows them to stream games to their devices when high speed internet is available.