Unisource Announces New Cloud Storage App

Unisource Worldwide Inc., a leading distributor of printing paper, packaging equipment/supplies and facility maintenance, announced today the near implementation of Visionvault, an innovative storage document application in the cloud. This will be considered a sizeable improvement to the current Visionship G3.

Visionvault will provide users with real time access to any stored document within a matter of seconds when connected to Visionpad, the current paperless mobile solution. Many suppliers presently use paper copies as their only way of storing their files which creates inefficiency, unnecessary delays and obvious hazards. Manual labor will, in almost all instances, be much more time consuming and inaccurate in relation to automated queries and software/mobile applications. Bill Wood, CEO if Unisource Subsidiary Visionship Inc., said “Today more than 90 percent of manufacturers and distributors retain paper copies of specific transportation documents for a year or longer, and almost every company continues to do this manually, using typical folders and filing cabinets. Many other companies also pay a 3rd party to scan and electronically file paper documents for them at significant cost. With the release of Visionvault, these costs in time, storage space, and scanning can be removed.”
Touching on the hazards aspect, aside from the clear risk of losing files in a natural disaster, Visionvault along with Visionship G3 allow companies to focus on becoming more environmentally friendly. Moreover, the amount of time that is put into filing and locating paper documents is extremely understated when talking about bottom line cost. Jordan Serlin, CEO of Unisource Corp., stated “Helping companies today evolve to a less costly, more accurate, and paper free environment is one of our core beliefs as a company.”
Unisource announced that partners moving to Visionship G3 will obtain free access to Visionvault. Unisource also set the release of Visionvault for this September.