New Unit4 Study Notes that 20% of Employees Never Meet their CEO

Within large businesses, many lower and mid-level employees never come into contact with the heads of the companies they work under. The depth to which this happens hasn’t been known before now. Thanks to an in-depth study by ERP software provider Unit4, we can state that as much as 20% of a company’s employees never meet their CEO personally. The findings, along with other useful information about the differences in employee working practices globally, were published in a report entitled “Decision Making for the Future Business Report; Who Calls the Shots in the Business of Tomorrow?” Data was collected through a series of interviews covering several nations in the world. The interviews were used to get a broad base to understand the organizations in different geographical regions.

Interesting Statistics Come to Light

More than sixty percent of respondents noted that they never received company-wide correspondence from the CEO. This statistic shows that many CEOs are out of touch with what their employees are doing and thinking, making them feel disconnected from the organization. The research also highlights how non-management employees tend to be ignored, even in areas that they are qualified to advise on. The results show that more than a third of non-managerial employees felt uncomfortable approaching upper management to file a complaint about something. Geographically, the region that had the most employees feeling that way was the United States.

A Disconnected CEO means Lower Engagement

According to Mike Ettling, CEO at Unit4, “When CEOs are disconnected from their workforce, employees can be left feeling disengaged, which can lead to much lower productivity at work and ultimately impact the bottom-line.” The most critical insight the report offers is that upper management usually fails to perceive this disconnect between themselves and the average worker. 94% of upper management think that CEOs are performing well in their positions, and 37% of respondents in top management believe that their CEO’s mindset fits the situation. This disconnect could have far-reaching consequences and lead to employee dissatisfaction and eventual turnover if left unchecked.