Value Added Services To Increase Revenue Rates For Network Operators

A recent research by the juniper research on mobile operators revealed varying startling information to the network operations market and also to the general public. The industry was fully and thoroughly analyzed and insights on new revenue opportunities that will take over the market for the coming five years, at the least, was revealed.

In recent times, it has been noted that revenue gotten from voice and messaging services is gradually dwindling down the line, making it imperative for network providers to figure out new opportunities to remain top on their market list. According to juniper research, new sectors will rapidly overtake previous ones to become the fastest growing sectors in the industry and they include carrier billing, cellular Internet of Things(IoT) and also mobile identity services.

After a thorough assessment of the mobile operators using its operator innovation index, juniper research rated the 5 top operators as Vodafone, Verizon, AT&T, Telefonica and Telenor, in descending order. Ranked as the most innovative network provide, Vodafone has a high level of IoT operations and network visualization. It has also engaged in a number of 5g network trials.

The released research predicted a massive increase in video streaming services in the coming years as a result of newly implemented streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. As such, operators are advised to invest in increasing data services network in preparation for the future.

It was estimated that an average user will experience an increase in data usage from the current average of 49GB to about 157GB by 2024. As such, LTE networks ought to be fully optimized while the field of 5G networks should also be ventured into by network operators.