vCloud Air Partners with Bitnami for Streamlined App Deployment

Image Attribution: Flickr

vCloud Air is VMWare’s nascent public cloud extension of the vCenter/vSphere ecosystem. VMWare has announced that it has partnered with Bitnami to offer one-click application deployment that allows development teams to begin working more quickly to provide enterprise level apps in the cloud.
The official offering is called Bitnami Launchpad and the service allows administrators to deploy fully configured applications in the cloud with just a single click. Developers can further customize these apps to make them organization-centric, as required by your business.
Bitnami provides vCloud Air administrators with an easy to use, secure interface that allows developers to begin testing, deploying while simultaneously streamlining the service delivery of such applications.
In fact, out of the box, the Bitnami Launchpad for vCloud Air lets you deploy a server that already has apps such as Drupal, WordPress and others already preconfigured and ready for use.
Erica Brescia, COO at Bitnami, was quoted as saying, “Bitnami’s virtual machine images have been extremely popular with Bitnami user; adding support for VMware vCloud Air OnDemand gives our enterprise users, who have already standardized on VMware, a way to seamlessly move applications between private and public cloud environments.”
Michael Cincinatus, senior director, Product Management and Cloud Services at VMWare, shared the same sentiments as Brescia saying, “We are excited to be working with Bitnami to bring one-click application and developer stacks deployment to vCloud Air OnDemand.” Cincinatus goes on to say, “With the Bitnami Launchpad for VMware vCloud Air, users can begin running their applications in a hybrid cloud that is fully compatible with their on-premises infrastructure almost no time.”
In the VMWare press release on the partnership, the new Bitnami service was described as a “low-friction path” for administrators to get apps up and running within the VMware cloud. As you may know, installing apps from scratch can sometimes lead to problems of their own, making the Bitnami Launchpad a valuable addition to the vCloud Air lineup.