Veeam Enables DRaaS for Cloud Service Providers

Image Attribution: Flickr

Disaster recovery is one of the most important issues facing businesses of any size. The perpetual “What if” question always seems to loom in the minds of decision makers when making significant infrastructure investments.
If it doesn’t, it should. As long as Murphy’s law is still a law, anything that can happen, and will happen given the correct circumstances. You should prepare accordingly.
Now more than ever, it makes sense to have a disaster recovery plan. Luckily, cloud service providers have begun devising solutions to offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). One of those solutions is offered by Veeam and its new product is called the Veeam Availability Suite v9.
Veeam isn’t a cloud provider. Veeam offers its services to cloud service providers so that they can provide availability services in the event of a disaster. If you’re running a managed service provider and you aren’t offering cloud based disaster recovery, you could be losing out on a significant income stream.
Some of the key features of the Veeam Availability Suite v9 are:
Cloud based VM Replication – With the new VM replication feature, your VMs will always have a home in the cloud. Should a disaster happen, you can switch over to the cloud version of your virtual machine and continue working.
Full Site Failover – If your site were to fail, how could you orchestrate a failover? With Veeam, failover orchestration is included which helps keep your infrastructure “Always on.” You can also configure partial failover orchestration should you only want some of your VMs to be respawned into the cloud during a disaster.
Failback/Failover Testing – When your day to day datacenter comes back online, failing back to the original configuration can be done simply through the software’s interface. Failover testing is available so that you can be sure that your DR plan actually works, without having to endure a disaster first.
To learn more about Veeam, you could visit Veeam’s blog post about the new release. If you’re wanting to see Veeam in action, you could always make plans to attend the VeeamON 2015 conference, which is being dubbed “The World’s Premier Data Center Availability Event.” This conference will take place at the Aria Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, NV on October 26th through the 29th.