Veeva Andi, New Artificial Intelligence Application

On today, the 14th of May, 2019, Veeva Systems introduced Veeva Andi, a newly designed application for artificial intelligence (AI) that puts tailored suggestions and insights right within Veeva CRM, for customer engagement in intelligent ways.

Veeva Andi is portion of the Veeva CRM Suite, which makes adopting, deploying, and scaling AI across the industry’s most used CRM platform really an easy task. With the special capacity they possess to manage and control their AI solution, life sciences companies possess the power to supply the right message in the correct channel and at the right time, for a better customer experience.

Veeva Andi identifies relevant insights that customers possess and proactively suggests the next best line of action for better field effectiveness and efficiency. Veeva Andi becomes smarter with every action taken, learning from a range of data, which includes rep feedback and customer response. When combined with the use of Customer Journeys, a new capacity in Veeva CRM to further target and manage customers throughout the stages of an adoption lifecycle, companies have the ability to drive the most correct actions at the right customer stage.

Veeva Andi also provides control to easily manage rules based on activities, journey stage, third party data, and HCP traits and preferences. Simulate outcomes to forecast the potential impact of insights and suggestions, then quickly deliver them to field teams in Veeva CRM to drive the right personalized customer experience.

Asides the new app, Veeva Andi, Veeva revealed new AI capabilities in Veeva CRM and Veeva Vault PromoMats. Veeva CRM Approved Notes takes advantage of AI to assist field reps in building better customer relationships and stay compliant with every interaction. The new capability allows field reps to easily capture free text notes in Veeva CRM and also make use of the power of AI to detect potential compliance risks.