VeloCloud Integrates Access to Console's Platform

VeloCloud notoriously offers businesses a way to connect their branch offices using software defined WAN in the cloud. By taking a software defined approach, organizations can streamline the rollout of cloud services within their offices. What if businesses need to collaborate with other businesses on a large project? What if each of the businesses could provide one another with access to their public or private cloud based apps?
Since VeloCloud now offers direct access into Console’s platform, businesses can connect with one another using the software defined WAN technology without having to create a complicated network configuration in order to achieve the task. As a network service provider, VeloCloud can now give your organization the ability to work with other business’s technical resources through the popular console platform.
“VeloCloud’s Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN enables performance for mission-critical and real-time applications over any last mile transport, including Internet, from branch edges to our unique network of cloud gateways,” mentions Steve Woo, VP and co-founder of VeloCloud.
“With this collaboration, our gateways can take advantage of the Console software and interconnection platform to directly access SaaS and cloud infrastructure providers,” Woo adds.
By providing direct access into Console, organizations get an added benefit of being able to work with global partners as if they were on the same network. This offering allows organizations the ability to share cloud resources as well as intellectual and developmental capital.
By simplifying the ways in which businesses do business, VeloCloud and Console have streamlined business to business collaboration approach which could introduce a new standard within the software defined cloud ecosystem.
“As an SD-WAN pioneer, VeloCloud is expanding the high performance access options available for enterprises,” says Al Burgio, the CEO of Console.
“With our complementary solutions, we can further leverage SDN to improve the performance of cloud and enterprise applications,” Burgio went on to say.