Vend Updates Cloud Based POS Service for iOS

Image Attribution: Flickr

Traditionally, point of sale machines have only been available for customers when they decide to check out their items within a store.
With Vend, organizations can break free from the constraints of having a centralized podium in which customers must use to check out their items when they decide to leave with the store. With Vend, customers can be more engaged in the buying process since all that is needed to check out is an iPad and a friendly sales representative.
Vend mentions on its website that it currently has 15,000 stores running its software. In Vend’s newest update, retailers have become more enabled than ever to conduct business mobily and securely by using the Vend platform.
According to Vend CEO Vaughan Roswell, Vend’s newest update provides SMEs with the same powerful tools that were “previously only available in expensive enterprise POS offerings.”
With the newest release of Vend, organizations will be able to:

  • Analyze Business Performance
  • Reward Customer Loyalty
  • Create and Launch an Online Store
  • Manage Inventory across Multiple Stores

With just a few swipes on an iPad.
Vend says that it is able to bring this technology to market due to the “market leading security and productivity features of iOS 8.”
Vend also integrates into a lineup of business apps that many small businesses may already use. For example, apps such as Xero and Deputy work seamlessly with Vend, allowing small business owners to do accounting, make schedules for employees and more all from within Vend.
We’re excited to show a new audience of retailers how mobile can transform their business,” says Vend CEO Vaughan Rowsell. “Built on iOS, Vend enables retailers to get out from behind the counter, be truly mobile, and deliver amazing customer experiences. iPad is increasingly becoming an essential business tool for retailers as sales associates grab an iPad and go mobile inside the store – wherever the customer is on the shop floor,” adds Vend’s CEO.