Verint Reveals Groundbreaking Voice of Customer Cloud Solution

Verint® Systems Inc. today spilled the news of the launch of the industry’s first comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of the voice of the customer, to the rest of the world. It is now a cornerstone of its expanding Voice of Customer (VoC) strategy. Aimed at catering to the special needs of CX leaders, Verint Unified VoC* gives a total view of indirect, direct, and inferred VoC from across key customer engagement channels. It does this with a powerful, automated analytics engine to supply actionable insights. These insights strengthen organizations to give preference to and act also upon the CX initiatives that provide the most relevant financial impact.

A November 2018 Market Guide for the Voice-of-the-Customer from Gartner1 talks of the  ability to take direct feedback by the means of web and/or mobile surveys and traditional email, as the current standard and organizations should look to collect, combine and interpret other forms of direct feedback with indirect feedback and inferred feedback. They transform that data into reports, alerts, business-rule-based actions, and customized dashboards as well as get the right information to the right people at the right time.

In addition to this, Forrester’s 2019 research, which charts top VoC trends, talks of sharing VoC data all through an organization, a deliberate focus on unsolicited and unstructured customer interaction data, integrating embedded prioritization frameworks, VoC and operational data, and a more structured method of “closing the loop” among the trending practices that help in leading to best-in-class VoC programs. The report further notes the fact that VoC programs are very focused on surveys, squander unstructured and unsolicited feedback, lack full data integration, and also struggle to prove business value.