Veritone Emerges From Stealth to Deliver Cognitive Media Platform

Image Attribution: Flickr

Veritone is a company that, by its own admission, has been under the radar for the past two years. Veritone claims to have built the world’s first cognitive media platform that operates in the cloud. So you’re probably wondering, what is a cognitive media platform?
Think of it like this: you have a podcast, a YouTube video series or any other type of widely viewed media. Veritone’s Cognitive Media Platform is built to inspect this content and provide actionable insights based on analytics gathered from the media. The Veritone Cognitive Media Platform also processes television, radio, daily spoken words, speeches, presentations, voicemails and more.
Chad and Ryan Steelberg are credited with starting Veritone. With their innovative Cognitive Media Platform, organizations can get near real time data as soon as they begin processing media.
A press release on Veritone describes the platform as “An ecosystem that ingests, analyzes and activates both private and public media to provide businesses, institutions and content owners with actionable insights that were heretofore unimaginable.”
The release goes on to say, “This transformation from data to understanding is achieved through the intelligent interrogation of unstructured media streams through a vast set of cognitive algorithms acting in concert with one another. Veritone is the conductor controlling each cognitive engine such as transcription, facial recognition, speaker and object identification, tonal analysis and audience measurement.”
One of the best things about Veritone is its ability to have third party apps built due to its open architecture. Veritone says that this works using RESTful APIs that allow developers the ability to extract data that could be monetized based upon their own cognitions engines that they have configured.
Veritone is expected to be used in organizations such as law enforcement, global ad agencies, radio broadcasting corporations and more.