Verizon Survey Finds that Almost All Businesses Use Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Cloud has become so prevalent in businesses around the world today that your business could be in the minority if some sort of cloud storage or cloud app isn’t being used in your environment today.
A recent survey conducted on behalf of Verizon found that nearly 100% of all businesses had some sort of cloud app or service present in their organizations.

Verizon Forecasts a Cloud First Shift in Business

While most businesses have not embraced the cloud first mentality yet, the survey found that 69% of enterprises have streamlined a process using the cloud.  This could be the start to a cloud first shift for the majority of businesses worldwide.
Verizon goes on to predict that around 50% of businesses will be using 75% of more cloud services for their overall IT makeup by 2018. Conversely, only 6% of respondents said that cloud would compromise less than 25% of their total IT systems by 2018.

Cloud becomes the New Norm

Just a few years ago, surveys showed that cloud computing was considered fringe. Nowadays, cloud computing has become so prevalent that many businesses have adopted the cloud first strategy without ever proclaiming it in a speech.
Verizon says that cloud spending has increased 38% year over year.
“In just a couple of years, we believe that significantly over half of all workloads — across companies of all kinds — will be running in the cloud,” proclaims the Verizon cloud survey.
One of the reasons cloud has become so prevalent is due to falling costs of private cloud. Once businesses get their feet wet with private cloud, they see how easy it is to migrate over into the public to support additional workloads.
Nearly 50% of respondents that used IaaS said that they use a hybrid cloud, a mix between a public and private cloud system.