VIAVI and LG Innotek Settle Optical Filter Suit

3D Motion Sensor Company VIAVI recently dropped a suit against LG Innotek dealing with claims that the company utilized VIAVI’s patented optical filters without permission. The lawsuit, filed in November 2019, alleges that the LG group imported and sold tablets and mobile phones, which infringed upon VIAVI’s patents for 3D sensor technology.

The Importance of Optical Recognition Technology

Most facial recognition systems in phones and tablets utilize optical sensors to do their jobs properly. Typically, in a gesture recognition system, the phone or tablet emits near-infrared light towards the subject and then received the signals that bounce off the target to complete the recognition. VIAVI has managed to develop optical filters that are superior to others on the market in both their functionality and their thickness. In introducing devices that demonstrated operating parameters close to what VIAVI encounters with their own filters, the company claims that LG Innotek willingly infringed upon their patent protections.

Not The End

While VIAVI has settled with LG Innotek, the case against Optrontec Inc. continues in both the International Trade Commission as well as the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The details of the settlement between VIAVI and LG are unknown at current. However, VIAVI has agreed to withdraw its lawsuits against LG. The company is still seeking damages from Optrontec Inc. for patent infringement, as well as an injunction to prevent Optrontec Inc. from bringing in more filters demonstrating infringing tech into the US. Optical filters are an integral part of gesture-recognition devices. VIAVI’s patent for its filter system is unique in how it allows processing to collect and use the reflected light. Their dominance in the market is at stake. While the details of the settlement between VIAVI and LG remain confidential, it’s the first step in VIAVI securing their control of the local optical filter market.