Vicarius Raises $5M in Seed Funding for Predictive Cyberthreat Tech

Predicting where cyber threats are going to happen before they do has the potential to keep security systems a step ahead of malicious users. Predictive cyberthreat tech company Vicarius has seen a successful funding round raising $5M to aid in the development of their technology. The funding is expected to increase the operating scope of the company. The money will also be used to help outfits and build out Vicarius’ offices on the East Coast of the US as well as in Tel Aviv. The company’s increased operations base will allow them to be closer to potential partners that may require their services.

Machine Learning for Security Prediction

Vicarius was founded in 2016 to empower security teams with proactive measures for fending off a cyber-attack. This approach is unique since the standard response for cybersecurity breaches is to mitigate the damage and deal with the intruder. With the aid of Machine Learning, Vicarius’ systems can offer real-time support to security personnel, allowing them to spot vulnerabilities in software and deal with them before a malicious user can exploit them. Customers have access to a range of tools, including prioritization lists, as well as a “risk snapshot” system, enabling security teams to reinforce weaker zones that are more susceptible to penetration.

Software In A World of Zero-Day Exploits

While existing security software can map out and detail areas that may create problems for a cybersecurity team, Vicarius’ system is a lot more advanced. The system’s algorithm is designed to look at live attack scenarios and determine potential zero-day exploits, ahead of manufacturers acknowledging the problem and releasing patches to deal with it. Vicarius’ TOPIA technology offers a pre-emptive approach that makes targeting smaller companies with poor cyber hygiene more of a challenge for malicious users.