ViON Starts Up New Enterprise Cloud Solution

ViON, a provider of cloud service as well as a market leader in the design, delivery as well as the maintenance of mission-critical IT infrastructure solutions, today revealed the launch of the ViON Enterprise Cloud (VEC), multi-cloud, hybrid solution portfolio known for offering single interface management. Organizations taking advantage of the VEC are now enabled to draw a public cloud experience into their private cloud environment, yet still manage existing infrastructure as well as take advantage of ViON’s Multi-Cloud Orchestrator, Cloud Services Platform as well as Professional and Managed Services.

Tom Frana, Chairman and CEO of ViON reported that many organizations are advancing from the customary IT infrastructure and now choosing cloud over it. Tom emphasized that with their new Enterprise Cloud capability, they are able to give their customers the public cloud experience they want behind their firewall in  a better way, empowering them to control multi-cloud environments from a single platform. They can also easily mobilize workloads with every change in their needs.

The VEC expands the capacity of ViON’s Data Center as-a-Service (DCaaS) and is built on a variety of several recent components which include ViON’s Multi-Cloud Orchestrator (VMCO), ViON’s Cloud Services Platform (VCSP), and ViON’s Professional and Managed Services. Customers can set VEC in a manner that it will manage current infrastructure, Hyperconverged Infrastructure hosting private clouds, ViON as-a-Service offerings, private clouds which find themselves in colocation facilities as well as public cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud). From change management and asset right to reporting and governance down to automation and orchestration, the VEC makes the whole multi-cloud management experience easier, supplying easy multi-cloud orchestration in between the public cloud, the legacy data center, as well as the on-prem or off-prem cloud platforms.