VirtualWisdom 4.3 Provides Advanced Analytics on Hybrid Cloud Workloads

Image Attribution: Flickr

Virtual Instruments, a company that specializes in providing performance management analytics on your virtual infrastructure, has released the newest version of its VirtualWisdom product. In version 4.3 of VirtualWisdom, organizations can get an in-depth look at the inner workings of their hybrid infrastructure. VirtualWisdom 4.3 is vendor agnostic, meaning the product will work with most any hypervisor including Hyper-V and PowerVM.
Another feature of VirtualWisdom 4.3 is that it gives administrators the ability to move its platform appliance data into the cloud. By putting these analytics into the cloud, administrators can gain more visibility into their infrastructures by being able to get on demand information about their deployments. With VirtualWisdom 4.3, systems administrators can gain significant insight into the inner workings of its hypervisors, data stores or interconnects.
“Successful performance management centers on being proactive, and the new components of VirtualWisdom4.3 enable our customers to get ahead of looming performance issues,” says Barry Cooks, SVP at Virtual Instruments.
“Heterogeneous, multi-vendor IT infrastructures are the norm in enterprise IT, and our engineering team is committed to bringing our customers a solution that solves performance problems throughout the entire infrastructure ecosystem. Multi-hypervisor support, expanded analytics and our cloud delivery option combine to make VirtualWisdom4.3 a critical platform for a greater range of enterprises that are recognizing the role IPM can play in driving a business toward its higher level goals,” Cooks went on to say.
Some of the new features in VirtualWisdom 4.3 include:

  • Advanced Support for PowerVM
  • ProbeVM Support for PowerVM & Hyper-V
  • Ability to Coordinate your VM’s Analytics
  • Determine the Best Delivery Model of your Cloud
  • More Insight on Storage Protocols

Since VirtualWisdom is cloud delivered, organizations can rapidly setup this analytics suite for their existing infrastructures. Virtual Instruments also plans to release a NAS and a Fiber Channel over Ethernet probing solution later this year.