VisualOn Releases a List of Range of it’s Advanced Streaming Capabilities

VisualOn is a known leading provider of solutions in industry- proven video streaming. the organization is known one of the founding firms in video software technology. They have, in their portfolio, a number of years of experience especially in the niche of streaming video service suppliers. In essence, they help their clients to power their video contents in the highest quality possible and also connect with available screens. All these are done in a bid to increase the occurrence of differentiated features and functionalities in the process, it also helps in reducing the amount of time spent.

Features of these highlighted capabilities includes;

  • A MultiStrean Sync, which will allow for a synchronized multiple camera display on a single screen. This feature is made possible with a partnership deal with Harmonic, Synaptics and also Wildmoka.
  • A real world low latency, which will make room for full utilization of the signal chain and also a full observation of network conditions and accurate bitrate adaptation. 
  • Adaptive NightVision, that will allow a more enhanced viewing experience for viewers in terms of the quality of brightness, color, and contrast on either a low light or dark scene screen.

In addition to the newly released spectrum of highlighted services, VisualOn will also rollout new 5g services. the 5g service released will have the features of low latency and high throughput which will aid operators in the quest of new service development to increase investment returns.

According to Michael Jones, The SVP and Head of Business Development at VisualOn. We are seeing our customers become more aggressive with their service roadmaps as TV Everywhere and direct- to- consumer business models changing. In particular, 5G, with its promise of extremely low latency and very high throughput, is prompting operators to develop new service features that garner rapid returns on their investments. We are excited to be in the forefront of these new features.”