VMware Announces Comprehensive Windows 10 Support

Image Attribution: Flickr

VMware offers an entire portfolio of software aimed at making enterprise administration a breeze. Although Windows 10 has only been on the market for a short time, VMware has already certified many of its most popular enterprise apps to run alongside or within the new Windows 10 operating system. Customers who have upgraded to Windows 10 can enjoy VMware apps such as Workspace Suite, AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management, Horizon and VMware Identity Manager.
VMware recently commissioned a study which was executed by TechValidate regarding Windows 10 within the enterprise. According to this study, 96% of enterprises plan on using some sort of internal resource or existing staff member to execute the upgrade to Windows 10. VMware says that its apps will continue to support legacy versions of Windows, however VMware says that it realizes that Windows 10 will rapidly become the standard bearer in enterprise desktop operating systems.
“VMware is dedicated to driving business mobility, and the launch of Windows 10 is a leap forward in putting EMM at the forefront of managing all Windows devices, including desktops and laptops,” says Erik Frieberg, VP of End-User Computing at VMware.
“As the consumerization of IT continues to proliferate the enterprise, Windows 10 can offer our customers a more seamless experience across devices as expected by consumer and business users alike. We’re thrilled to offer support and compatibility for upgraded devices across the VMware End-User Computing portfolio and look forward to expanding our relationships with Microsoft on the innovations and capabilities made available with Windows 10,” adds Frieberg.
VMware also says that its AirWatch platform will directly interoperate in conjunction with Windows app store. This feature allows organizations to store apps, desktop apps and apps found online in one central place. The new unified will empower IT administrators to procure apps in mass and distribute accordingly throughout the enterprise. VMware has written more about their Windows 10 support on their website.