VMware and the Corporate Hybrid Cloud

2014 is being hailed by trends analysts as the year of the hybrid cloud. VMware has emerged as the leader of the hybrid cloud market. Reports from Gartner suggest that in 2015, nearly 70% of big corporations will implement the hybrid cloud in their environment. The move to hybrid is an eventual next step for businesses who have heavily invested in private cloud infrastructure. As large corporations become more comfortable using the public cloud to operate non-mission critical infrastructure, the hybrid cloud model will gain in popularity. Cost savings and efficiency will become the key drivers behind companies wanting to move into this direction.

VMware stands to gain the most from this hybrid cloud push within the corporate sector.  VMware is deeply entrenched with system administrators all across the world. Since so many administrators are currently using the VMware family of products, why wouldn’t they also begin utilizing VMware for their hybrid cloud needs? Sticking with VMware seems to be the most logical choice. VMware was one of the companies that spearheaded the push from virtualization to the private cloud. Soon after that, companies began to looking at methods of cutting costs and increasing efficiency throughout technology departments. VMware’s hybrid cloud is the solution that administrators and executives can both embrace.
Many corporations have realized that just because part of their cloud is public, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t secure. VMware capitalizes on this by being able to offer a secure solution that administrators trust. vCloud is the public cloud solution that VMware is touting as the secure method of utilizing cloud infrastructure. This package is security hardened and ready for corporate use. vCloud fits neatly into the vSphere console that many administrators are already accustomed to using everyday. VMware has carved out an important niche that will become beneficial to the companies balance sheets. Investment analysts predict that VMware shareholders will be extremely happy if VMware emerges as the industry leader of hybrid cloud solutions in 2014.