VMWare to Release vCloud

VMWare is going all in when it comes to the cloud. In fact, the new vCloud allows companies to setup hybrid clouds which are a mix between the public cloud and a corporate private cloud.  This allows for flexibility within the network. For example, applications that do not deal with sensitive data can be run in the public cloud and applications that do have private data can be run in the private cloud. There are ways to put portions of applications in the private cloud while having certain front end functions on the public cloud. It all depends on how an IT administrator decides to setup this infrastructure.

vCloud is being touted as one of the hottest products to be released by VMWare in sometime. Matthew Lodge is the VP for product management for VMWare. Lodge is responsible for the vCloud product line up. Lodge recently spoke at the CloudBeat conference and he emphasized that VMWare’s vCloud will focus on three important items.
Data Centers that are Software Defined – The next big thing in cloud computing is the ability to virtualize your entire datacenter, not just your servers. This means that configurations that took hours and hours of network operations personnel to setup can now be virtualized within minutes.
Hybrid Cloud – Many businesses realize how important cloud computing will become in the future. Due to local regulations, company policies and other factors, many businesses cannot move everything into a public cloud. This scenario shows you exactly how a hybrid cloud infrastructure can become beneficial to an organization.
Use your Applications Anywhere – Everyone has a smartphone or tablet nowadays. Getting employees to work on their own devices without compromising corporate data makes both the business and the user happy.
Lodge was also quoted as saying, “Most of our customers are moving to hybrid cloud because of the agility that it gives them. It’s not necessarily about cost savings.”