VMWare’s vCloud Air Goes Live in Australia & New Zealand Regions

Image Attribution: Flickr

VMWare has announced general service availability in its newest vCloud Air datacenter. In a partnership with Telstra, vCloud Air is now available for enterprises who wish to extend their onsite data center into the hybrid cloud.
VMWare’s Australian datacenter becomes the 10th datacenter in VMWare’s fold. vCloud Air is steadily gaining popularity among enterprises. VMWare indicates that the Australian vCloud Air service will address compliance concerns that involve data locality that are unique to Australian businesses.
VMWare has outfitted vCloud Air with powerful features that will alleviate infrastructure concerns within your environment. One of the most popular cloud services within vCloud Air is the Disaster Recovery service. Those who have used VMWare’s Disaster Recovery within vCloud Air testify that the service is “As simple as turning it on.”
VMWare’s Focus on Australia
VMWare’s focus on the emerging Australian cloud market is a no-brainer. Australia and New Zealand have become hubs of innovation for the entire world. With VMWare’s announcement, businesses in Australia can now implement Virtual Private Clouds, Block Storage, Dedicated Clouds and more.
“Australian businesses will have the ability to seamlessly extend applications into the cloud without any additional configuration, and will have peace of mind, knowing this IT infrastructure will provide a level of reliability and business continuity comparable to in-house IT,” says Duncan Bennet from VMWare A/NZ.
“It means businesses can quickly respond to changing business conditions, and scale IT up and down as required without disruption to the overall business,” Bennet added.
For organizations that have not yet adopted vCloud Air, VMWare is letting you have a test drive the platform for free. On VMWare’s website, you can register for this free lab that will show you exactly how vCloud Air works.
Free vCloud Air Credits
VMWare is running several special offers which include a $300 account credit for those who want to try Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. The first month is free when you try vCloud Air’s Disaster Recovery, Dedicated Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud offerings. Learn more details on the vCloud Air website.