Vocalcom Integrates Twitter Support into Cloud Contact Center

Image Attribution: Flickr

Have you ever wanted to contact a company about its product but you didn’t have the time nor the energy to call, sit on hold, describe product ownership details and go through the troubleshooting steps involved in order to determine what the problem is?
We’ve all had the experience and when you’re constantly busy and pressed for time, the traditional channels of technical support can become too cumbersome for your lifestyle. Because of this, many customers have resorted to social media in order to quickly ask questions and get a rapid response from certain companies. Vocalcom is capitalizing on this phenomenon by adding Twitter support into its Cloud Contact Center platform that is used by many customer service departments around the world.
Integrating Twitter into Vocalcom’s Cloud Contact Center presents organizations and consumers with numerous advantages. The biggest advantage for businesses is that Vocalcom has calculated that organizations spend 1/6th of what they would have spent fielding a support issue on Twitter than they would on normal telephone support channels. This presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses who stay on top of their social media accounts as it helps both socialize other users who may be having a similar issue at the same time while giving organizations an agile platform in which they can interact with their customers.
Vocalcom helps your brand succeed by delivering a cloud contact center that operates where your customers operate: social media. When you can provide instant updates to your clients, you’ll experience higher client retention rates. Vocalcom says that organization that use Twitter as a means to provide support have the potential for a 97% customer satisfaction rate.
With Vocalcom social care, your business is presented with tools that help your businesses perception. As a company that actively uses social media, you can both engage your current customers while simultaneously showing the potential customers that you provide world class customer service.