Vonage Launches SmartWAN Powered by VeloCloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Vonage and VeloCloud have announced the release of a new product called Vonage SmartWAN.
The Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) product lineup by VeloCloud allows businesses to connect their branch offices with one another in minutes.
The collaboration between the two companies will help Vonage expand their product lineup while giving VeloCloud additional exposure within small to medium sized enterprises all around the world.
“As businesses increase the usage of video, online collaboration tools and other cloud applications, maintaining the quality of shared bandwidth becomes vital,” says Sanjay Srinivasan, the VP and Chief Technology Architect Business Engineering for Vonage.
“Vonage SmartWAN complements the features and functionality of a company’s cloud-based unified communications solution with the added reliability they need to maintain Quality of Service and keep their businesses running smoothly,” adds Srinivasan.
Regardless if businesses already use MLPS to establish a private WAN, businesses can gain benefits from implementing Vonage SmartWAN. By using software defined networking, communications are abstracted from the traditional method of routing WAN traffic.
Software defined networking intelligently looks for the most efficient route for packets, thus streamlining your WAN infrastructure. This is different than WAN optimization, because SmartWAN uses the cloud.
Businesses that use tunneled site to site VPN connections using business class internet can also gain tremendous increases in speed and Quality of Service (QoS). This intuitively helps businesses run enterprise apps over the WAN. Apps such as:

  • CRM
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Exchange
  • And more!

When businesses are able to minimize the amount of time and distance that data must travel in order to get from point A to point B, organizations can rapidly expand by adding new branch offices, which means new employees, which means more apps and services.
By utilizing the Vonage SmartWAN technology, a small to medium sized business can now experience that type of enterprise level software defined networking technologies that all of the largest organizations in the world are now beginning to use in efforts to rapidly provision and deliver IT services.