Voxox Announces Cloud Phone Pro

Voxox has won several awards for their VoIP offerings. Cloud Phone Pro is Voxox’s latest addition into its product lineup. Cloud Phone Pro is packed with features and functionality. Cloud Phone Pro is scalable meaning the solution works for SMBs as well large-scale organizations. Voxox’s Cloud Phone Pro comes stand with worldwide DIDs, call recording, call queuing, conference bridges and more.

Cloud Phone Pro is a spin off of Voxox’s Cloud Phone. Voxox has received awards for its Cloud Phone virtual PBX system which is designed to provide additional functionalities to existing phone systems. With Cloud Phone Pro, organizations can ditch their existing phone system and get all of their DIDs and phone service using the cloud. Best of all, there is no additional equipment to buy. Companies who take advantage of Cloud Phone Pro are able keep their existing vendor provided VoIP hardware as the Cloud Phone Pro platform is designed to be compatible with most VoIP phones.

Voxox believes that its Cloud Phone Pro lineup will help businesses of all sizes save money on their phone services. Some of the things that make Cloud Phone Pro particularly impressive is the fact that CPP is including features not typically seen with on-premise solutions. For example, Cloud Phone Pro provides each user with an interface that allows them master each of the features of their phone service. Voxox’s model reduces VoIP licensing costs and passes on the savings to you.

Voxox CEO Bryan Hertz says, “Cloud Phone Pro is the latest example of Voxox’s commitment to providing communications solutions that give businesses and consumers incredible value and convenient new ways to connect.” Hertz notes, “Cloud Phone Pro is ideal for small offices with just a few employees, large enterprises and every organization in between that wants the ultimate in features, performance and support – and at a fraction of the cost of other hosted services and on-premise solutions.”