vXchnge and TechLAB Innovation Center Create a One Stop Shop for Tech Startups to Thrive

The Context
TechLAB Innovation Center (TechLAB), located in Silicon Valley, is a full circle ecosystem committed to helping cutting edge data-driven startups across the globe accelerate their businesses, preparing them for growth, including acquisition and IPO.
Through TechLAB’s selective program, targeting businesses in the IT (software and hardware), telecom, wireless, and healthcare IT industries, companies are mentored and nurtured by a team of veteran technology investors and entrepreneurs. Participating companies are provided the networking opportunities and environment to build its business, find the right resources, and seek out customers and partnerships locally and globally.
The Opportunity
TechLAB has been working with the technology startup community for over 10 years. As technology has evolved, businesses have experienced a shift in their need for data support, as most are building their companies around the Cloud. While many incubators in the Valley could not, or did not, want to take on the challenge of handling this operational change, TechLAB saw a gap that they could fill.
The Company knew that in order to provide a service that remained valuable and complete to the companies they worked with, they needed to provide a way to easily and efficiently store their community’s data and elevate their business needs to the Cloud.
The Solution  
Located in strategic markets throughout the country where companies can serve customers locally and reach more businesses and consumers, in more markets, TechLAB selected vXchnge as its exclusive data center partner. Through this partnership, companies working with TechLAB gain access to vXchnge’s network of carrier-neutral service providers, reaching upwards of 100 million people and ensuring strategic business relationships for revenue-generating opportunities. vXchnge’s footprint and flexibility future-proofs application growth and provides the quality of performance and high-touch service required by today’s fast-moving companies. TechLAB’s strategic presence within vXchnge’s Santa Clara facility in Silicon Valley, a hub for high-technology innovation and development, provides companies with uniquely convenient access to their business applications and ultra-fast, reliable connectivity.
vXchnge’s marketplace of diverse network providers, allows existing customers to build and deploy applications for cloud connectivity with access to OneStepCloud, TechLAB’s dedicated Hybrid Cloud Solution Platform. vXchnge’s full-service offerings, provides the flexibility and reliability that companies need to grow in a secure environment.
The Results
Both vXchnge and TechLAB clients are seeing increased benefits from their growing partnership. Since working with vXchnge, TechLAB has grown its revenue by 150%, as well as seen a steady flow of incoming clients. Currently, TechLAB has 30 of its clients within vXchnge’s data centers, with hopes of increasing that number as their organization grows. In addition, the partnership has permitted TechLAB to work with companies outside the Silicon Valley region, expanding to other parts of the country, and beyond.
“Partnering with vXchnge has increased our tenant rates and accelerated not only our business growth, but the capabilities of all companies working with TechLAB,” said Sara Rauchwerger, founder and partner, TechLAB. “Presently, there is no other full-service ecosystem like TechLAB in Silicon Valley and vXchnge has helped us achieve that privilege. With vXchnge, our company can now provide even more capabilities to young tech startups, which helps them reach their market growth wants and demands.”
An example of this success can be found through TechLAB client CloudMosa, a mobile technology company committed to accelerating and enriching the mobile web browsing experience. When CloudMosa began they had roughly two million app users, and now, to date, the Company has roughly 25 million users. To continue to grow the Company, CloudMosa recently secured more then $18 million in funding, and plans to raise more funds in the near future.  Over the course of the Company growth, CloudMosa has diversified its business by moving into the educational space with the new Puffin Academy, a browser designed for K-12 students. With this surge of users, CloudMosa has increased its footprint within vXchnge by over 150%. The flexibility that vXchnge provides to easily scale up made it simple for CloudMosa to grow quickly and efficiently.
“Between TechLAB’s deep experience in guiding startups and vXchnge’s on-demand capacities, which enable new technology companies with speed-to-market, scalable infrastructure, and experienced site technicians, young companies are able to meet their market growth demands,” adds Ernest Sampera, Chief Marketing Officer, vXchnge.
About vXchnge
vXchnge is a leading carrier-neutral colocation services provider dedicated to improving the business performance of its customers. vXchnge’s broad geographic footprint puts its customers at “the Edge” – in 15 locations where they can serve customers locally and reach more businesses and consumers, in more markets. For more information on gaining an edge, visit www.vxchnge.com or connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.