Walmart Announces Newest App Feature

Walmart, an Arkansas headquartered retail corporation with over 11, 000 stores and clubs operating in as much as about 27 states, is known as one of the leading retail stores globally which also serves as the largest private employer over the world with well over 2 million employers globally.

According to the new feature released on the already existing Tasty app, their iOS users now have the opportunity to enjoy a real time grocery experience. The new feature provides them with access to tantalizing recipes and their ingredients fully available for purchase with just one click. After viewing a specific recipe on the Tasty app, they are immediately redirected to the Walmart Grocery App where they can then select the required ingredients for that recipe into their cart for purchase.

The features comes with a number of flexibility including its ability to geographically locate if the required ingredients are available in the nearest store to the intending customer. Items to be bught can also be swapped according to be buyer’s preference, either due to brand type or price,  without any hassle.

All these are fully managed and operated using the Northfork Platform, which helps to successfully integrate the Walmart application and website together with the Tasty app.This new development serves as a means to ensure that customers are not too busy to satisfy their ever- wanting appetites fully.

According to Ben Kaufman, BuzzFeed’s Chief Marketing Officer, “ From watching a mesmerizing Tasty video to cooking it in your own kitchen, the missing link is buying the ingredients. More than two-thirds of our audience have made a Tasty recipe and 90 percent of American live within ten miles of a Walmart store, so we’re excited to build upon our partnership with Walmart and provide a new feature that will solve the pain point of grocery shopping and make it even easier for our audience to cook their favorite Tasty recipes.”