Websites with .Cloud Domain Name Begin Going Live

A number of companies are rushing to take full advantage of the new .cloud top level domain extension that is set to be available on November 16th. Businesses within the cloud realm are already weighing to benefits of the .cloud TLD, as it could help their business stand out for the pack. The .cloud TLD gives cloud based businesses brandability, and many organizations are taking advantage of the new .cloud TLD which will give their business a unique pop on business cards, presentations and email addresses.
Using a .cloud TLD is a good way to get your business noticed. Instead of, your business will be your name .cloud; with a domain extensions that says .cloud, your clients will know exactly what kind of business you are in and they will know that they can most likely buy cloud services from your website.
The .cloud TLD is starting to gain traction even among the heavyweights of cloud. In fact, did you know that Canonical Ltd, the company behind Ubuntu, plans on adopting a .cloud domain name? Another website that is transitioning to the .cloud domain is SpamExperts, a SaaS email solution that protects your inbox from spam using the cloud.
Businesses that have trademarks in the cloud realm can sign up early for the .cloud domain list. Those with trademarks get first dibs on the domain names available. This phase is called the Pioneer phase and it allows those with trademarks to become early adopters for the .cloud domain name. Those who are note in the Pioneer program can sign up for the Sunrise Phase, which is also reserved for trademark holders and these TLD services will be available starting on November 16th. As of today, the first wave of .cloud Pioneers will be going live with their domain names.
While November 16th is the earliest day you can register a .cloud domain, general availability doesn’t start until February 16th 2016.