What You Need to Know about Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019

On Monday, June 3rd, Apple is hosting its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). While new tech comes out every year, this year is set to hold some particularly long-awaited show stoppers.

Many Apple users are anticipating the long-expected Mac Pro hardware announcement as well as other visions of Apple’s future tech.

The Mac Pro announcement is important to those using Pro machines, with changes impacting the way they may do business on their device.

However, for the majority of Apple consumers, pro machines aren’t where Apple makes its money — that’s the iPhones. 

For iPhone users, announcements and previews about iOS 13 features may hold the key to future trends in cell technology.

One area where many tech analysts are expecting further clarification is the difference between macOS and iOS. While Apple has said it will not merge them, there have been announcements that iPad apps are coming to Mac, possibly as the de facto way new Mac apps are made.

Here are a few more things you should know about which may be announced or explored in the 2019 WWDC:

  • Dark mode for iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad
  • New home screen for iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad
  • New way to multitask on an iOS 13 iPad
  • “Marzipan” apps (originally designed for iPad) for MacOS 10.15
  • Breaking up the iTunes app into smaller apps
  • Using an iPad as a second Mac monitor
  • A new Mac Pro desktop
  • New WatchOS and tvOS 13 features, such as Dose and Cycles
  • Allowing multiple windows multitasking between apps on iOS 13 iPhone and iPad

Many users and developers are also hoping for further information on the future of platforms as well as updates on tvOS and watchOS.

Some who are anticipating WWDC are even hoping to see augmented reality features.