WHOA.com Brings Secure Cloud to Equinix’s New Washington DC Data Center

WHOA.com is a Hollywood, FL based secure cloud hosting service that bills itself as the silver lining in your cloud. WHOA differentiates itself from its competitors by taking a unique approach to cloud security. WHOA believes that its Seven Layers of Security provides organizations with the peace of mind they need in order to begin moving their operations into the cloud.
WHOA.com has announced that they have teamed up with Equinix to host their secure cloud offerings from within Equinix’s newest data center. WHOA says that Equinix’s DC-11 and the DC IBX+ facilities located near Ashburn, VA will house the WHOA secure cloud. Equinix is known for providing world class data center facilities that often exceed industry certification requirements.
Tim Varma, Chief Stategy Officer at WHOA, was quoted in a press release saying, “WHOA is completely focused on delivering cloud solutions offering maximum security, scalability and reliability; expanding into the Equinix DC-11 Washington DC IBX data center is just one of many developments on the company roadmap. WHOA is in a state of rapid expansion and growth, with new locations, product offerings and services poised for imminent deployment.”
WHOA founder Mark Amarant said, “Expanding WHOA cloud infrastructure into the Washington DC Metro Area with Equinix was an easy decision.”
WHOA.com is ISO 27001 certified and the cloud hosting company also has data centers located in Las Vegas and Miami. WHOA.com says that its solutions work in strict compliance with standards such as HIPPA and other industry recognized standards.
WHOA’s network operations center stays staffed 24/7 in order to continuously monitor the loads at all of the data centers located around the country. WHOA.com provides secured Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), secure cloud hosted desktop, cloud storage, disaster recovery services, integrated applications and network security services.