Whole Foods Adopts Infor's Cloudsuite for Retail

Whole Foods has announced that they will be revolutionizing the retail end of their business using Infor’s Cloudsuite Retail. By adding cloud into their retail processes, Whole Foods can get up-to-the-second reports on a specific store’s current inventory, making it easier than ever for managers to know what to order and when to order it. Whole Foods believes that Infor’s Cloudsuite Retail will allow the company to provide fresh food at a low cost.
“The new retail platform we will co-create with Infor will be unlike anything currently on the market, better leveraging major technology advances to deliver much more value at lower cost,” says Jason Buechel, CIO and EVP of Whole Foods.
“With Infor, Whole Foods Market has found a partner ideally suited to help us co-create a new retail platform that enables a more efficient, connected enterprise with greater visibility, flexibility, insight, and ease-of-use for our team members – all while delivering a better end-to-end shopping experience for our customers,” Buechel went on to say.
Whole Foods gets the benefits of becoming an early adopter of the Infor Cloudsuite Retail. Whole Foods believes that the new cloud based retail system will drive efficiency and create opportunities to better serve their customers.
On the advertising end of the business, Whole Foods looks use the intelligence it gains from its Cloudsuite Retail platform in order to make better marketing campaigns to reach new customers. Whole Foods expects to gain actionable intelligence that can help the organic grocery store organically attract new customers through the door.
Whole Foods believes that its data driven approach to selling natural grocery products will be a win-win for both consumers and executives. By overhauling Whole Food’s entire retail system, the organic grocery chain looks to gain an edge on its competition by harnessing the power of the cloud.