Why Cloud Computing Creates Happy Employees

Happy employees are good to have. They are good for the business, good for the boss, good for the environment, good for world-peace…okay, okay we’ll stop while we’re ahead. Yet seriously, every boss wants their employees hunky-dory happy.
Happy Employee
Because happy employees are more motivated, more professional and accomplish more. Which is good for your business. Kind of like taking vitamins is good for your body.
There are standard means of keeping employees happy. They have worked for the past several thousand years or so. Examples include: Excellent vacation days, perks, refreshments, bonuses, compliments…good old-fashioned bribery.
But there’s a new, rising star in the business world that can enhance your employees’ happiness level: Cloud-computing.
How does that work?
Employees do not like to be stifled and feel as if they are chain-linked to the office. If all of your company’s data is only backed up in your brick and mortar office building, employees will grow increasingly frustrated if they are trying to access information while on the go.
If, however, you have joined the “cloud-revolution” and host your entire businesses infrastructure in the cloud, your employees can happily access all the info they need to their hearts content. They will not stress out if they are at a business meeting or other offsite important juncture, slapping their foreheads when they realize that they left their most crucial data behind. Because if the info is in the cloud, they can access it, pronto. This, ultimately, is for your benefit, as no boss wants their employees to feel jittery.
Let’s take it a step-further: If you, as boss, have a sudden, unexpected business emergency, you can contact qualified employees, wherever they may be, to deal with it. They may demand triple-pay or what-not, but at least they have access to the data, ultimately saving you from a lot of aggravation. And they will be happy with said chance of earning bonus pay.
On a different note, chances are that several of your employees are tasked with the boring chore of backing up files onsite, daily. If your business joins the cloud, that task will be eliminated as the files will back up effortlessly and smoothly, behind the scenes. Your employees will be delightfully happy to be spared that monotonous task.
Like all incentives for employees, it is up to you as boss to play up on what a great, benevolent, kind, nice, wonderful human being you are. Never mind that there are about a million reasons why you personally should love cloud back-ups.
If you plan on backing up to the cloud in any event, let your employees know that you are doing so out of the nobility of your spirit and the kindness of your soul. Over a delicious refreshment break (chocolate cake, anyone?) generously explain to your troops that you are upgrading the business’ data to the cloud, to meet their growing need for mobility with data access. They will be happy that you are thinking about them.
And if your employees are happy, your business will be happy, your wallet will be happy….and you will be happiest of all.