Will CI Security’s New Active Quarantine for Managed Detection and Response Really Control Threat Activities?

CI Security recently revealed their beta release of Critical Insight Rapid Quarantine (CIRQ). Being a leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and cybersecurity solutions, the expectations of these new solutions are quite high.

The solutions altogether form a suite of active containment–CIRQ; solutions which essentially provides options of new incident response to quickly manage threat following detection.

With these solutions, there are more recent options for rapid incident response, enabling the initiation of quarantine for infected systems by CI Security Analysts, following detection. This initiation would also be coupled with Critical Insight MDR, and this is a step which frees up IT staff for several other projects of high priority, thereby decreasing the amount of time expended on cyber threat detection, response, as well as quarantine. This will run for 24 hours, 7 days and for 365 days of the year.

Critical Insight Rapid Quarantine (CIRQ) is a MDR feature which is optional. It presents customers with a variety of options for incidence response. They also have the chance to retain total authority and control over their network in case there is an incident occurs or CI Security’s 24×7 monitoring and analyst coverage is taken advantage of by making use of CIRQ to manage the incident.

CIRQ is built for organizations which are not equipped to isolate systems having a detected threat round the clock. The length of time an intruder spends will increase how bad impact would be. Being in possesion of Critical Insight MDR & CIRQ, CI Security can identify, give response to, and quarantine threats at any point in time.

Organizations with CIRQ work hand in hand with CI Security to create custom parameters in a bid to characterize and contain threats. CI Security expert analysts thus fuction within the spheres of those parameters, each time a threatful event happens, with the aim of initially containing the threat. Organizations thus possess the option of making use of their own teams to finish up response actions, having the support of a customized Incident Action Plan supplied by CI Security, or they also have the capacity to occupy CI Security’s veteran consultants for response to full incidence as well as forensics.

The latest innovation by CIRQ in addition to a robust suite of cybersecurity solutions stemming from Seattle-based CI Security. Their flagship managed detection and response solution, Critical Insight MDR, present customers with a better way to decrease cybersecurity risk each time there is a failure of protective controls. With security operations lasting for 24 hours, 7 days and for all the 365 days in a year, as well as the laser-focused on decreasing false positives and identifying true cybersecurity threats, CI Security’s experts take advantage of purpose-built technology to cover and defend critical systems which are known for saving lives.

Currently, CI Security is perpetually seeking out customers to pilot CIRQ as portion of a beta launch.

With all these solutions said to be provided by the new technology, only continual use will answer the big question, “Will CI Security’s New Active Quarantine for Managed Detection and Response Really Control Threat?”