Wind River Joins O-RAN Alliance Supports Growth of Open Source Innovation for 5G Networks

Wind River®, a leading provider of IoT software for essential infrastructure, today revealed that it has joined the O-RAN Alliance in a bid to advance 5G network technologies even better.

Wind River has been giving open source–based operating system as well as infrastructure platforms for RAN networks, including UMTS and LTE, for over a decade. As 5G continues, Wind River has purposed to make sure there is alignment with its open source platform infrastructure products and O-RAN. Being a leader in the early 5G landscape, Wind River technology is strengthening the majority of 5G RAN deployments.

Started up by telecommunications operators, the O-RAN Alliance has a responsibility to further innovate radio access networks (RAN) built on white box hardware, virtualized network elements, and standardized interfaces with the basic and essential principles of openness and intelligence in perspective.

With a better standardization and as interfaces get more open, this can improve RAN innovation and reduce network costs to eventually allow virtual RAN to become easier for accomplishment.

With the status of an infrastructure provider, Wind River will direct its focus on O-RAN workgroups, where it can make major contributions, as the Cloudification and Orchestration Workgroup and the White Box Hardware Workgroup.

C-RAN and Virtual RAN are some of the most common use cases for  Wind River Titanium Cloud™ and Wind River Linux.

With Wind River Linux, customers can now be confident that they are using the latest open source innovations, in conjunction with the world-class long-term maintenance and global support that comes from the market-leading commercial-grade embedded Linux. On the basis of the technology behind the StarlingX open source project, Titanium Cloud is a high performance cloud infrastructure product for the network edge.

Having open source as a core value for the O-RAN project, Yocto Project–based Wind River Linux and the StarlingX technologies available in Titanium Cloud can assist customers in deploying virtualized services quicker, at lower cost, and within the strict uptime that 5G RAN will demand.